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very intering, creative and everything else. you reviewed my Frame by frame saying you were gonna make one, what happened?

C360 responds:

Actually, I already made a frame by frame animation of the aphex twin song more than five years ago...and it's pretty crazy...probably considered way better than anything I have posted on Newgrounds. It's just not completely finished. I dont have that great of a computer, and it's having a real hard time processing now. I need a faster computer so I can work on it!!! But it will be up..thanks for reminding me. =)

Thanks for the review's nice to see a new review for an older post that I figured had been forgotten about. Thanks for staying in touch! You can email me if you want.


Shore Acres Shore Acres

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man i almost peed in my pants. i laughed i cried and i beat the game. amazing. stupendous, even got yourself an online tutorial with helpful hints and tips....... wow a winner in my book

MadFLeX responds:

thanks man. i checked your website, kinda cool over there. thanks for the good review!

flashtroids flashtroids

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i hate you

i shall refrain from using any profanity: anybody who watches this should vote X. it's not his, i've seen it on about 50 different sites and non of them had his name.... i and i know he's not good enough with flash to make.... remember say no to fags oops......